Order of the Mano D’oro
Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir
Version: 12th Night, XXXVII (2003)

At Their Majesties' command, the HERALD will call the Kingdom Minister of Arts before the Thrones.

HERALD: Let _______________, (Mistress/Master/Minister) of Arts of the Kingdom of An Tir, come before Their Majesties.

The Minister of Arts will come before the Thrones, bow or kneel, and at the King's command, will stand to the side of the Thrones. And, at the King's command, the HERALD will continue:

HERALD: Let all those who currently hold the award of the Mano d'Oro come before Their Majesties.
When the holders of the Mano d'Oro have gathered before the Thrones, Their Majesties will turn to the Minister of Arts:

KING or QUEEN: _______________, you have recommended to Us a candidate to receive the award of the Mano d'Oro. Who is this candidate?

MINISTER OF ARTS: Your Majesties, it is _______________.

KING or QUEEN: Let the Herald call _______________ to come before Us.

HERALD: Let _______________ come before the Thrones.

When the candidate has come forward, Their Majesties shall ask the Minister of Arts to describe his/her qualifications:

KING or QUEEN: Tell us of the accomplishments which have distinguished this candidate.

The MINISTER OF ARTS will relate the candidate's accomplishments, contributions, and service to the Arts and Sciences of An Tir.

KING: _______________, We have heard these accomplishments, which have surely enriched the life of the Kingdom and people of An Tir, and We find them worthy of recognition. Therefore, We would honor you with the award of the Mano d'Oro, as these artists gathered here have been honored before you. Will you accept this honor from Our hands?

Upon an affirmative answer, the herald will read the scroll. If there is no scroll, the following text may be read:

HERALD: Know all to whom these presents shall come that in times past, outstanding support of and performance in the arts and sciences received especial acclaim in Our realm in the form of a Golden Hand. Accordingly, We, _______________ and _______________, King and Queen of An Tir, upon the strong recommendation of Our Mistress/Master of Arts, do hereby bestow the Mano d'Oro upon Our subject _______________, in token of his/her service to and accomplishments in the Arts and Sciences in Our land.
This We proclaim this __________ day of __________, Anno Societatis __________, being __________ Gregorian, _______________, King of An Tir _______________, Queen of An Tir.

The candidate will be given a token bearing the badge of the Mano d'Oro:

QUEEN: Bear this token as sign of the esteem in which We hold you and the contributions you have made to this Kingdom.

The KING and QUEEN will congratulate the new award holder, as will the Minister of Arts and the other award holders, and the HERALD will exhort the cheers of the populace.

Find out the name and titles of the Minister of Arts of An Tir.

See if there will be a token available, and if there is not, ask the Minister of Arts to find someone who would like to pass on his/her token. If the latter option is followed, make sure that you know before court if there is going to be a token or not.

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