Investiture of Queen’s Ladies-in-waiting
Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir
Version: 12th Night, XXXVII (2003)

As the herald calls the ladies forth they shall come and kneel before Her Majesty:

QUEEN: My good ladies, your courtesy and gentility, honor and loyalty have brought you to Our notice. It is Our wish to appoint you Our Ladies-in-Waiting. Is it your desire to serve Us in this fashion?

LADIES: It is.

HERALD: Are you then ready to enter Her Majesty's service and swear fealty to your Queen?

After a positive response the herald shall read the oath:

HERALD: Do you now swear faith and fealty to _______________, your Sovereign Queen, that you will faithfully serve Her and obey Her lawful commands, and that you will deal courteously and graciously with those of every degree, so long as Her Majesty remains Queen of An Tir?

LADIES: I so swear.

QUEEN: And We, for Our part, do swear fealty to these, Our Ladies-in-Waiting, to show them courtesy and honor. So say We, _______________, Queen of An Tir.

If there are tokens presented

QUEEN: And that all may witness their service, We grant these favors. We do also name _______________ to act as chief among them, and do bestow this token to mark her station.

When the favors are distributed, the ladies shall take their appointed places.

Get a list of the Ladies-in-Waiting, along with their titles.

Find out if a Chief Lady-in-Waiting will be appointed, and remind the Queen about favors.

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