Admission to the Varangian Guard
Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir
Version: 12th Night, XXXVII (2003)

At the King's command, the Herald will call forward the Varangian Guard.

HERALD: Let all members of the Royal Varangian Guard come before the Thrones.

When they have gathered before Their Majesties:

KING: Who will speak for the Guard?

And the Spokesperson will stand forth.

SPOKESPERSON: I, _______________, speak for the Guard. We would add another to our rank.

KING: Call him forward.

HERALD: Let _______________ come before the Thrones.

And when the proposed member has come before the Thrones, the SPOKESPERSON will proclaim why this person should become a Varangian. And if the KING consents, the new member will be accepted.

SPOKESPERSON: Welcome to the Guard!

And the new member will be cloaked in the red cloak of the Guard. (NOTE: In times past, the new member was also forced to eat pickled herring, this may be optional.) When the new member has been fully inducted into the ranks of the Guard, and if Their Majesties have no further business to conduct with the Guard, the members of the Guard shall bow to Their Majesties and return to their places.

And the HERALD will exhort the cheers of the populace.

Find out who the spokesperson will be, and make sure that s/he knows what to do.
Make certain that the candidate knows what is required.
Find out if there is a cloak prepared.

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