Order of the Hasta Leonis
Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir
Version: 12th Night, XXXVII (2003)

HERALD: Their Majesties call into Their Court all members of Order of the Hasta Leonis here present.

When they have arrived, the herald continues:

HERALD: An Tir’s great army is known and feared throughout the Known World, and the ferocity and skill of our warriors is fabled among the Laurel Kingdoms. Extraordinary leadership upon the warfield has made our strength into a force to be reckoned with. Such valiant and gifted leadership has gained us the respect of all, and made us coveted as allies in the Great Wars.

HERALD: Gathered here before you are those gifted leaders to whom the Crown of An Tir has granted the rank of Hasta Leonis, the Spears of the Lion. Today, the Sable Lion of An Tir sees fit to honor another whose excellence and chivalry in the pursuit and practice of the art of war been proven upon the battlefield.

KING: Welcome, My Spears. There is another warrior I wish to add to your number today. (Here the King shall speak of the accomplishments of the new member without mentioning the name of the Candidate.)

KING: Herald, call forth the Candidate.

HERALD: ___________________, His Majesty requires your presence here.

When the candidate has knelt before the throne:

KING: _________________, your skills upon the war field have made you a battle leader to be reckoned with, in An Tir and beyond. It is Our wish that you be entered into the rolls of the Order of the Hasta Leonis. Will you accept this honor from our hands?

Upon an affirmative answer, the Herald shall read the scroll (if one has been prepared, or may read the following proclamation:

HERALD: Sound the battle-horns, and let Our Words resound through all the Laurel Kingdoms. We, ____________and ________________, who sit the Sable Lion Thrones, have upon this ____________day of ___________, Anno Societatis _________, commanded the name of _________________to be enrolled among the great war leaders of Our Realm. We do also Grant him Arms, (read here blazon if known) and all other Rights and Responsibilities of this rank.

KING: So say we, ______________________ King of An Tir.

QUEEN: And so say we, _______________________, Queen of An Tir.

The herald shall exhort cheers for the new Spear of the Lion. (Remember this Order carries a Grant of Arms)

Find out whether there is a token.

Get a blazon of the recipient's arms.

Grants are not usually given in the absence of the recipient.

Be sure you can read the scroll. If you can't, get the text written out for you.

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