Investiture of a Territorial Baron/Baroness
Ceremonial of the Kingdom of An Tir
Version: 12th Night, XXXVII (2003)

If the outgoing Baron and Baroness are not already in court the herald shall call them forth:

HERALD: Baron _______________ and Baroness ____________ , their Majesties desire your presence in Their Court.

KING: What is your business before Us?

OUTGOING B/B: Your Majesties, we have served as Your representatives in the Barony of __________________ with joy, but now we are weary and are come to be relieved of this burden.

QUEEN: We understand your desires, and we are grateful for your service. Have you released all those in fealty to you?

OUTGOING B/B: We have, Your Majesties.

If a negative response, the outgoing B/B shall stand and face their populace. They shall speak the words which release those in fealty to them.

[BARON OR BARONESS: As we leave our position as Baron and Baroness of _______________ we thank you for your good and faithful service to us and to the people of our Barony. We do here release you from your oaths of fealty, that you may be free to continue in service to our successors. We ask you to give them the same dedication and loyalty you have shown us until now.

BARONESS/BARON: You members of the Sergeantry have served me (us) well. Likewise have those who have chosen service as Courtiers. I (we) do here release you now from my/our service, into the keeping of Their Majesties. I charge you to serve my (our) successor(s), with the same dedication and loyalty in service.

When they have finished , they turn and kneel again before Their Majesties.

BARON and BARONESS: Your Majesties, we have been honored to serve Your Kingdom and the people of _______________ as Baron and Baroness, but it is now time for us to resign this service and render the Barony into Your care and keeping.

And here they shall remove their coronets ( with other regalia as appropriate) and offer them to the King and Queen, who hand them to retainers.

KING: We here grant your request for relief of your duties as Baron and Baroness of _______________. Though we are loathe to lose such servants as you have been to us, we release you from your oaths of fealty.

***If either of the departing parties is to be made a Court Baron or Baroness, insert the appropriate ceremony as follows here.

KING OR QUEEN: It would please us to style you Baron and/or Baroness of Our Court. Will you accept this honor from Our Hands?

Upon an affirmative reply, the herald shall read the scroll. (If no scroll has been prepared, the following may be read.)

HERALD: Hear now the words of the Crown:
Take heed all people of the Knowne World, that We, _______________ and _______________, King and Queen of An Tir, do take unto Ourselves Our prerogative to honor those of Our subjects who have pleased us with the title and estate of Baron/Baroness. From henceforth let it be known that _______________ does now hold the title of Baron/Baroness of An Tir, with all the rights and privileges of this rank. By Our hand and seal on this __________ day of __________, Anno Societatis __________, being __________ Gregorian.
_______________, King of An Tir _______________, Queen of An Tir

If there has been a Baronial Coronet prepared for the new Baron and/or Baroness, the King or Queen shall place it upon his/her head.

KING or QUEEN: Wear this coronet, bearing the sign of the Kingdom of An Tir, as symbol of your estate as Baron/Baroness in this realm.

The King and Queen will congratulate the new Baron and/or Baroness and the HERALD will exhort the cheers of the populace.

But if the Crown will NOT be making them Baron and/or Baroness of the court, they shall be given leave to depart as the populace cheers. The branch representative shall then address Their Majesties).

BARONY SENESCHAL: Your Majesties, we ask that you name a new Baron and Baroness to be Your representative in the our homeland.

KING: Herald, call forth the ones We have Chosen to be our presence in the Barony of ______________________.

HERALD: _______________ and _______________, Their Majesties invite your presence in Their Court.

When they have arrived:

HERALD: _______________ and _______________, Their Majesties do here invite your service to Their Barony and Kingdom. Will you accept from them the title and responsibilities of Baron and Baroness of __________________? And will you swear fealty to the Crown of An Tir for this Barony?


HERALD: Right mindful that you will be the representatives of the Crown of An Tir, do you understand that you will be responsible for the defense, nurturing and well-being of this Barony?


The King and Queen shall rise, and taking the baronial coronets, place them on the heads of the new baron and baroness by turn and say:

KING: I, _______________, King of An Tir, do now name _______________, Baron of _______________, to stand in Our place in all matters ceremonial. Wear this coronet as symbol of your new estate and as reminder of the responsibility you now bear.

QUEEN: I, _______________, Queen of An Tir, do now name _______________, Baroness of _______________, to stand in Our place in all matters ceremonial. Wear this coronet as symbol of your new estate and as reminder of the responsibility you now bear.

KING: Bring forth the Sword of State.

The Champion shall bring forth the Sword of State. The Crown shall place Their hands under the Sword, and the Baron and Baroness above the Sword over the Crown's hands.

HERALD: Do you now swear fealty unto _______________ and _______________, your undoubted King and Queen, for the Barony of _______________, that you will obey Their lawful commands in all matters that concern this Realm, and uphold the Crown and Kingdom of An Tir, and, mindful that the harmony of your Barony and of the Kingdom springs from your own deeds, that you will treat those of every degree with courtesy and chivalry so long as Their Majesties remain sovereigns of An Tir?


KING: And We for Our part do swear unto this Baron and Baroness of An Tir, and to their Barony and their households, to protect and defend them with all Our power so long as We remain Sovereigns of this Realm. So say I, _______________, King of An Tir.

QUEEN: And so say I, _______________, Queen of An Tir.

Here the new Baron and Baroness shall stand and face the populace. and the herald shall proclaim them saying:

HERALD: People of An Tir! Henceforth let all know that _______________ and _______________ are Baron and Baroness of _________________. Three cheers.

Here the officers, and the sergeants, yeomen and gallants may swear fealty to the new baron and baroness according to baronial custom, or it may take place at a later (baronial) court.

Find out if either or both of the departing parties is to be given a Court Barony. Read the scroll ahead of time if one has been prepared.

Find out if there is a coronet prepared for a Court Barony.

Ask if there are special circumstances for either departing or incoming parties, such as needing to be released as a member of the Sergeantry. Remind Their Majesties of any such requirements.

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